About us

   “Yacht” is a key word in the world of pleasure, freedom, and luxury ... That is why we turned Venid Yacht into a dynamic, new-generation company designed to help everyone make their dreams come true.

   We have gained experience from the world's largest yacht charter companies over the years and we have learned to improve the services we offer. We have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to provide you an unforgettable experience with every choice and purchase of a boat or yacht. However, we don’t just sell you a product - we help you make your dream come true. 

   The number of yacht owners is getting bigger and bigger with every year, including here in Bulgaria, and this increases the need for a high level of professionalism and responsibility towards customers. In this respect, to turn each of our clients into a friend is our main goal!     

   In order to achieve our goal, we not only strive, but also proudly declare, that we successfully prepare every single detail to perfection to exceed your expectations and see your smiles at our job well done.  

   Venid Yacht is situated at the best marina in Bulgaria and complements the wide array of services provided with one more – yachts for rent. You can now see this service being offered in many places, however that would often means no actual boats available, obsolete equipment, not to mention not even having a clear idea of how to organize the service. We do the exact opposite! We present to you our yachts for rent, especially selected for you. We offer sailing and motor vessels, that can give you a sense of freedom, luxury, and tranquility. If you are looking for a new and thrilling sea experience, simply call us and take advantage of our offerings, including one-day or weekly charters with and without crew,  team buildings, celebrations, barbecues, fishing, participation in sailing regattas.

   We prepare everything to the smallest detail according to customer requirements as they have the complete freedom to choose a destination, berths, activities, even a crew; and our customers are always happy.

   The yacht and charter industry is changing and we will be happy if you give us the chance to convince you that you will be fascinated by our perfect job. If you are looking for professionals – you have found us!