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Yachts Maintenance and Repair

Our maintenance activities are comprehensive. We offer high quality reliable services. They are focused in the flexibility and efficiency of work, to provide our customers with quick and adequate solutions.

We offer the full range of services before, during and after the purchase of a vessel.

We have mobile teams within our country abroad for the convenience of our clients, that can detect and eliminate failures in all hitches and mechanisms in the vessels, as well as their hulls, masts and fly bridges.

Repair and maintenance of engines, hitches and mechanisms of vessels

icon kotva Seasonal maintenance of engines – changing oil, filters, impellers, belts, etc.
icon kotva   Maintenance of generators – oil changing, filters, impellers, straps, etc.;
icon kotva   Preparing all vessel systems for the winter – engines, generators, air-conditioning systems, water systems, etc.;
icon kotva   Repair of internal combustion engines (stationary and outboard);

icon kotva Repair and maintenance of hydraulic systems;

icon kotva Repair and maintenance of transmissions;

 icon kotva Repair and maintenance of electrical equipment;

icon kotva Installation of new electronic devices;

icon kotva Diagnostics and troubleshooting of electronic devices (GPS, plotters, radars, UKV radio stations, EPIRB, AIS, SART, satellite systems, etc.);

Maintenance of hulls

     icon kotva   Initial processing of the underwater part;
     icon kotva   Base /primer/ application/;
     icon kotva   Painting with anti-fouling;
     icon kotva   Polishing;
     icon kotva   Gluing and repair of fiberglass and GelCode;
     icon kotva   Exterior hull and deck painting;
     icon kotva   Replacement of anode protection;
     icon kotva Rigging (masts, booms, shrouds, spreaders, etc.); (ropes, blocks, sails, etc.)
     icon kotva   Repairs of stainless steel hardware;

     icon kotva Teak and stainless steel hardware cleaning;

     icon kotva   Seasonal maintenance - winter foiling (using thermal streamlined film) of vessels for better preservation and protection from the negative impact of winter environment

Interior repair and new solutions

     icon kotva Complete interior upholstery and re-upholstery;
     icon kotva Repair and installation of awnings and other wind and sun protection equipment;
     icon kotva   Painting, polishing and performing all kinds of carpentry services;
     icon kotva   Installing or replacing teak;
     icon kotva   Complete cleaning of the vessel.

Specialized inventory for servicing vessels

     icon kotva   Lifting and moving slings;
     icon kotva   Stalls and shipways for placing boats, motor and sailing yachts;
     icon kotva   Mobile scaffolds and stairs for repair works;
     icon kotva   Various types of small hydraulic hoists;
     icon kotva   Transport carts for vessels of up to 3.5 t.
     icon kotva   Specialized yacht transport for over dimension cargo for vessels up to 16 m or 25 tons;

We do survey

We issue certificates for every repair done by us.


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